Wow. Croissants are trying so hard to be in on everything. It’s not surprising. The Cronut achieved viral status last year. So why not make more stuff with flakey dough, add a “cr” to its name and try to hit worldwide baker fame.

This cruffin came from my local grocery store. It’s croissant-ness is clear. But the muffin-ness is only apparent in its quasi-muffiny shape. Flavor, texture and concept are all croissant. This guy even had a creamy chocolate center. Muffins don’t have creamy chocolate centers. Croissants do.

That said, I am not tired of the croissant hybrid trend. I am ready for more. Crupcake? Apple critter? (Or would it be Crapple fritter?) Crizza? Cragel? I could do this all day. Cramburgers? Crinkies? Croffeecake? Craffles? Crancakes? Crisquits and Cravy?