Cookies & Cream Popcorn

Cookie Pop Popcorn Cookies & Cream – Here I think you’ll get exactly what you would expect.  Its popcorn. It has a cookie taste.  You’ll snack happily. But you won’t be addicted to it.   You’ll offer some to guests. But you won’t rave about it. You’ll finish the bag. But you won’t rush out for more.

It can’t be easy to be a snack maker – trying to create a tasty treat to please a large swath of eaters – including high powered food influencers and bloggers such as ourselves.  We here at Hungry Dads have previously complained that some snacks are too sweet.

Well, Cookie Pop Popcorn Cookies & Cream isn’t sweet enough.  Or perhaps Cookie Pop Popcorn just isn’t flavorful enough.  It’s tasty no doubt.  And maybe they pulled their punches on the salt and sugar to try and keep this thing within a realm of quasi-healthiness.  I can appreciate that.

We posited in a prior review that sweet flavored popcorn could be the snack food of the next decade.  Cookie Pop obviously read my review and kicked production into effect to be on shelves within weeks of my review.  Or, more likely, we made a food prediction about something that already exists.  Our proclivity to foretell things that already exist is uncanny.