Cola “Pop Rocks”

7-11 Slurpee Poppin Cola Candy

Anyone up to speed in their urban legends and food lore, should be asking how this product is even shelf stable – and importantly does ingesting it result in instant death?  Pop Rocks and Coke (or here, Poppin Candy and Cola) were the legendary killers of Mikey from the Life cereal box and “some kid who went to school with my neighbor’s cousin” in the 80s.  So what kind of mad scientists would manufacture Coke flavored Pop Rocks?  7-11, that’s who.  Or maybe they found the technology to mix these flavors in a safe manner.  I ingested some and waited for the impending stomach explosion…nothing.

Finally, man can taste Pop Rocks and Coke Together!!!

How was it? It was okay. Not great. Next time I’ll get cherry.