Chocolate Pop Rocks Vs. Strawberry Pop Rocks

Chocolate Pop Rocks.  Okay, fun – but what’s the big deal?  Pop Rocks come in all sorts of flavors. But wait…these are chocolate covered Pop Rocks? Yep.  And even with a milk chocolate layer, the fundamental science still works and they are quite tasty.

As you know, when you pop a palm-full of Pop Rocks into your mouth, your saliva breaks the thin surfaces of the miniscule rocks – creating pleasing aural and sensory snaps, crackles, and pops.  So once you cover that in chocolate, the science would seemingly break down – adding a creamy barrier and throwing off the delicate alchemy.  But somehow these puppies just keep snappin.’  And they are actually quite chocolatey. A full on chocolate taste with Pop Rocks inside.  Sometimes chocolate and hard candy may be an odd mix, but it works here ala the Tootsie Pop.

But how does this Limited Edition Chocolate Covered Pop Rock variant compare to original Pop Rocks?  The chocolate ones are better. Quite a bit better actually.  I like Pop Rocks fine.  But the main draw for normal Pop Rocks are the gimmick, not the taste.   Taste-wise, regular Pop Rocks are nothing special.  But a mouthful of the Chocolate Covered Pop Rocks bring a good amount of chocolate to the party – more satisfying to my sweet tooth.

Thanks to Hungry Dad travel correspondent Gary Costello, who procured these on assignment on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s South Street.