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Beef Jerky Trail Mix


Oberto Spicy Sweet Beef Trail Mix

photo-sep-24-9-59-31-am…I thought the major problem would be texture….

I am a great lover of snack mixes.  Can’t choose your snack? Nuts or chocolate? Pretzels or raisins? God bless mixes, which offer it all. And Oberto has added another snack mix player – beefy jerky.

Unfortunately, beef jerky does not play particularly well with the other mixees.  I thought the major problem would be texture.  Chewy beef jerky and crunchy nuts and melty chocolate – it’s not ideal, but in practice, it’s not as off-putting as I would have guessed. The jerky was pretty tender.  The flavor, surprisingly, was less enjoyable.  The nuts were not salty, probably on account of the already salty jerky.  But the umami saltiness of the meat did not set off the nuts or the sweet chocolate.  The dried cranberries took over the flavoring overall – ultimately it wasn’t very sweet or salty or tasty.