7-11 Birthday Cake Snack Pie

7-11 “7 Select” Birthday Cake Snack Pie

A cake flavored pie…we’ve gone through the looking glass here people…

If you check out our list of underrated snack foods, you will see our tribute to the chocolate pudding snack pie, -a rare and amazing treat (and easily the least healthy thing you can eat this side of deep-fried margarine).  I commend Seven Eleven’s attempt to extend their snack pie line.  But in comparison to the chocolate pudding pie, the 7 Select Birthday Cake Snack Pie is inferior in flavor, texture, and social acceptability.

This sucker is a bit too sweet (a common finding in “birthday” flavored items).  Look at the picture and imagine how sweet this thing is. Now double that.  By the second or third bite, it’s a little much (being a professional, I persisted and powered through to finish the whole thing).

The inside texture is that of icing; thick and gritty when compared to the smooth creaminess of chocolate pudding.  Icing is meant to be an accent, not the main event.

Most importantly, the 7 Select Birthday Cake Snack Pie cannot possibly be eaten in polite society.  I ate mine alone, in the car, in a dark parking lot.  Then I promptly dumped the packaging in a public trash bin. If anyone (anyone) saw me eat this thing, shame and disgust would be laid upon me thicker than rainbow-sprinkled vanilla icing.