Wise Food Truck Favorites Chips

Wise Food Truck Favorites Korean BBQ flavored potato chips – Wise isn’t the first to offer us a Korean BBQ flavor.  Kettle did it.  And Wise pretty much just follows the trend.  Maybe they hijacked a truckload of Kettle’s flavoring because it’s pretty much the same ball ‘o spice.  Unique, tasty, and spicy – but not tongue lashingly hot. A good spin on barbecue chips with a salty sweetness. If I had any criticism, its that the flavor is a little too intense.  Again, not too spicy. Just that its a LOT of flavor.  Each chip is like that dense corner of a nearly empty chip bag; that nook of flavor dust.  Its a nice treat at the end of a chip eating session. But bite after bite of hardcore flavoring masks the potato chip sensation and starts to scorch one’s palate.

Wise Food Truck Favorites Grilled Cheeseburger flavored potato chips – I found myself surprised at how well a “cheeseburger” flavor was mimicked here.  But once I dissected the flavors, their trickery was revealed.   Pickle and the mustard – flavors that hint most distinctly at a ubiquitous cheeseburger taste (e.g. McDonalds).  Sure, cheese is there.  Onion is there.  Tomato/ketchup is there.  Ambiguous meat flavor is there.  But these flavors are vague and standard for many chips.  Pickle and mustard – or more precisely, hints of pickle and mustard – are unique and subtle here, giving these chips a distinct, recognizable “cheeseburger” flavor.  A successful, tasty chip from Wise. They also claim that the cheeseburger is “grilled.” But the cheeseburger infusion here does not seem uniquely grilled. I suppose it could just as easily have been a baked, boiled, fried, poached or steamed – which is to say the “burger” taste itself is that indistinct “meat” flavor we’ve talked about plenty here at Hungry Dads central.  If it is supposed to be a “grilled” cheeseburger, then maybe its “grilled” in the “flavorless” sense – like a many a burger, overcooked by me while drinking and grilling.  There on my porch, as here in Wise’s chip, it’s the accoutrement that makes it tasty, not the burger itself.

Honorable mention: Wise Nacho Twisters – these are not “Food Truck Favorites,” but this Wise offering is a “Hungry Dads Favorite” for sure.  Available most often at bodegas in single size bags with a price of fifty cents, Wise Nacho Twisters are a bargain. They also boast a twisty, crunchy shape that creates a ton of crunch and perfect surface area for nacho cheese dust. The nacho cheese dust  is unique from the more famous Doritos dust (which we also love). Nacho Twisters are a little less salty and a little more cheesy than you will find on a lot of nacho chips. Its sort of soft. Imagine dusting a corn chip liberally in the same powder one uses for Kraft Mac & Cheese. That’s Wise Nacho Twisters. Fritos also has a twisted style chip offering, but in BBQ flavor.  I love them, but they are second to Wise’s “twist” on the classic corn chip.