Wasabi Chex Chips


This is a tale of two reviews. One for Wasabi Chex Chips and one for wasabi.

Chex Chips are a pretty good idea. I am a big fan of Chex mix, so I’ll gladly give its new chip-styled cousin a chance. The giant puff isn’t truly Chex-like. Chex’s familiar and clean mini-lattice pattern is lost, replaced with a thin, unevenly perforated, crusty shell that is literally full of air.

The bag for Chex Chips says, “Giant Chips. No Mix.” I’d probably rather have some mix, but these Chex Chips score high on flavor and crunchiness. Due to their puffy, popped-like nature (but not popcorn-like) I could crunch for a while without piling on a ton of oily calories like I might would with potato chips. That said, I’m also not going to satisfy any real hunger with these things.

These aren’t “healthy” by any means. But they are “healthier.”  Still, the Chex Chip shape was unique and a winner for me overall, since despite being mostly air, they carried a solid amount of flavor on each “chip.” Speaking of flavor…

The bag of Chex Chips I am reviewing here (delivered to my front door from a fan – thanks!) are wasabi flavored. I am in a wasabi conundrum. I want to like wasabi.  I should like wasabi.  I like the idea of it.  I’ve tried lots of wasabi foods and snacks. I always feel like I am going to like it. The smell appeals to me. I like spicy things. I would even say I like the aftertaste of wasabi.

But that moment when wasabi hits my tongue – the actual taste… I just don’t like wasabi. I can’t make myself. It tastes bitter and a little rotten or something. So, like my Lays Do Us a Flavor 2014 assessment, I’m essentially recusing myself from the wasabi portion of this review. If you like wasabi, maybe these Chex Chips are for you. As for me, I’ll seek out a BBQ flavor. Sorry wasabi. Please don’t take it personally.