Utz Party Mix

imageUtz Party Mix (bucket)

Utz Party Mix is undoubtedly my all-time, all-purpose, all-encompassing, no-fuss, no-muss snacking choice. Can’t choose between Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Bbq corn chips, and pretzels? You don’t have to! My god, it’s an amazing age we live in! But, Hugh, you say…surely this combo offers lower quality versions of each chip type. No. No. No. Each are excellent. Fresh and strongly flavored with their various dusts. And the dusts even brush off on each other and meld in the container, creating gestalt of flavor.

The party mix bucket is my go-to item when I have to bring something to a party. It’s a little kitschy, with the word “party” right in it’s name. But at the same time, people freaking love it. The bucket is big enough for a crowd. It’s ideal for easy serving. And the variety means you can please everyone (even health folks who can graze the pretzels).

In all of my Snacktoberfest reviews, I try to balance the review with some criticism. Here I cannot. Party mix, especially, Utz Party mix, to me, is eternal snacking perfection.