Totino’s Pizza Chips


The pizza genre is no longer cutting edge for chips and chip like foods. Combos, Pringles, and Lays have all tested the pizza waters with varying degrees of success. I was very intrigued by theses, though, because they are from an actual pizza brand… and a seemingly niche one at that… Totino’s.

Would these pepperoni flavored chips taste true to their cheap frozen pizza heritage? I sure hoped so. I was further intrigued when I checked the nutritional information, which I often do out of morbid curiosity. 150 calories and 5 grams of fat for the entire bag… far less than traditional chips. A closer inspection of the packaging revealed the reason: these are “wheat crisps.” Yes, semi-healthy pepperoni flavored pizza wheat crisps from a frozen pizza brand. Let’s dig in.

The first, and most remarkable, thing I noticed about the taste was that they captured the pepperoni flavor OF AN ACTUAL FROZEN PIZZA.  This blew my mind. I was expecting a generic pizza/pepperoni flavor, but these taste like frozen pizza pepperoni! It’s hard to describe, but anyone who’s ever had a Totino’s pizza will recognize the flavor immediately. By the way, they were delicious. The wheat crisps were shaped like scoops, or curled up pepperoni circles. The flavor dust was generous, and went well with the healthy crisp. These are amazing chips… err…. crisps. I’m going on record as saying Totino’s should completely abandon their frozen pizza business, focus on these little gems, and then deliver a truckload directly to my mouth.