Trader Joes Potato Chips with South African Seasonings

TJ’s South African Chips

african chip bag

The natural habitat for exotic South African Potato Chips.

Trader Joes Potato Chips with South African Seasonings

I first tried these at the end of a three day juice cleanse. Not surprisingly, after three days with no food, these chips tasted delicious.  But that’s probably not a fair review. So, I ate them for a full week and actually struggled to form a strong enough opinion for a review.  I like the taste of them, no doubt.  But I was not craving them in a “eat-the-whole-bag-in-two-days” kind of way, as I usually do.  Why?  I ultimately deduced that it is a lack of sugar that prevents these chips from being addictive.  The taste most resembles barbeque chips, but without any sweetness to offset the spice.  One could argue that this is a good thing – a tasty chip that you can pace yourself with. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t bring these to a party since they are clearly not an easy/automatic crowd pleaser, nor are they odd enough to be a gimmicky conversation piece.

The exotic South African Potato Chip outside of its natural habitat