Ruffles All Dressed

Ruffles All Dressed (#1 Flavour in Canada)

We love to tease Canadians a bit, but push comes to shove, we’ve gotta admit that they are doing more than a few things right up there.  Perhaps the thing Canadians have most right is their #1 potato chip flavor, “All Dressed.”  All Dressed?  All dressed for the cold?  Dressed like a Mountie?  The name leaves something to be desired.  And the bag image gives only vague clues. Is that BBQ sauce?  What kind?  That spice is paprika? Or red pepper? Cinnamon?  That bottle? Vinegar? Honey?

IMG_1104Mysterious as it may be, the taste is outstanding.

Ruffles are a chip style that I’ve lost touch with, and I was glad to reconnect.  In a world where kettle cooked seem to be the new darling and wavy chips try to be hip, Ruffles’ ridges are an old friend.  Ruffles offer a nice fusion of rugged thickness and gentle crispiness.   Plain chips might dissolve like a communion wafer.  Kettle cooked will rip the roof of your mouth to shreds if you don’t crunch with caution.  But Ruffles are in the goldilocks zone – just right.

So what is “All Dressed” flavor?  Hell if I know.  It’s almost BBQ, but not quite, and arguably better.  A little sweeter and a little spicier.  We can’t put our finger on it. All I know is that if “All Dressed” had been put forth as a “Do Us a Flavor” finalist by Lays, it would have been a surefire winner.

The only criticism is that visually the chip itself is actually kind of bland looking. It’s got the color of a cheddar flavor, but more pale.  But then a pleasant surprise, with a flavor that politely and non-threateningly meets your taste buds with a quasi-BBQ taste that’s not too foreign, but just foreign enough to be interesting (tastes like Canada, eh?).

Note: This flavor was sent to us by a friend/fan to review. First, thanks for the free chips! Second, if others have a snack and you want to see the Hungry Dads review, shoot us an email.