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Old Wisconsin Smoke Stack Beef & Cheese

Old Wisconsin Smoke Stack Beef and Cheese

This Carl-Budding-brand-lunchmeat-owned sausage product was new to me, which is saying something since I tend to have a keen awareness of meat snack products. After some internet searching and a taste-test, and I learned that Old Wisconsin has been around since the eighties and offers a slight spicy kick. The meaty beef stick was tasty and superior to the the industry-standard Slim Jim. The cheese, however, was not outstanding, being bit grainy and lacking a smoothness of my ideal processed cheese, Velveeta. Granted this was a non-refrigerated cheese, so I didn’t expect much more. Did I eat all of it? Hell yeah! Its cheese! I won’t complain about the cheese though. It was essentially a free bonus price-wise. A comparable cheese-less beef stick was only 20 cents cheaper. This net weight bonus drove me to try a new (to me) brand. And I am glad I did.