Lance Grilled Cheese Crackers

imageThere are many audacious flavor claims in today’s laboratory-driven snacking environment, but this one really caught my eye. A simple Lance Brand Captain’s Wafers package claiming to be GRILLED cheese flavored. How does one achieve a grilled cheese flavor in an uncooked wafer and cheee paste format?  Would they butter the crackers? Burn the bread to a crisp while leaving the cheese woefully unmelted in the middle?  As it turns out, they did nothing of the sort. Best I can tell, these are straight up cheese crackers. I desperately wanted to detect even a hint of grilled cheese flavor, but ’twas not to be. I think the cheap cracker people have perfected nacho cheeses and spicy cheese, but nothing beyond that. Hey, at least the captain is trying to innovate, and despite the lack of grilled cheese flavor, they were still pretty tasty.