Funyuns Steakhouse Onion

It’s a well known fact that Funyuns Original Flavor are delicious. Thankfully, they also taste nothing like “Onion Flavored Rings.” They taste like a light puff of crispy goodness covered in garlic salt. Needless to say, when I ran across these Steakhouse Onion flavor, I had to try them… but I was also a little weirded out. What does steakhouse onion even taste like? Are they going to capture the dipping sauce flavor, or just the fried rings? It’s a bold and odd flavor claim, and I already love the originals, so I was curious, but skeptical.

Let’s cut to the chase: much like the originals, these taste nothing like the flavor the claim… but they’re still delicious! Perhaps it’s a Funyuns brand strategy: claim a random flavor, but then just throw some random seasoning on there. Hey, it works! These taste much like the originals, but with a subtle spicy aftertaste. I honestly would have guessed spicy onion or maybe pepper, but bottom line… They taste good.