Fritos Ranch

Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips

imageBecause our fans demand it, we try to focus reviews in unique, limited time, and gimmick flavors. So my eyes are pretty good at spotting new, limited edition, and re-released items on shelves. Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips sat there unassumingly – as if they have always been there. Have they? I remember them – but swear I haven’t seen them in years. That said, I am in. NYC, which isn’t ranch country.

imageFlavor-wise, Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips are a little weak on the ranch taste. You could almost mistake them for standard Fritos. Inferior in flavor to the more ubiquitous (I think) Cool Ranch Doritos. Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips just don’t offer as much zest as their Dorito cousin. But there are two major upsides that make it my preference in a side- by-side corn chip battle between the two. First, the Frito is a more robust chip style. Bigger crunch and greater density in a smaller bite. Second, a bag of Fritos is just more substantial from a Net Weight perspective. Which, in your food choice considerations, should be important