Doritos Heat Wave

Doritos Heat Wave – “First BBQ, Then Heat.” Absolutely a gimmick going here – in the vein of the Roulette offering.  Me, I love a gimmick. Gimmick chips are my fourth favorite thing (#1 my family, #2 walking and eating, #3 the new DuckTales cartoon).  So I must be a fan, right? Wrong. Well sort of.  As chips, these are fine.  A spicy BBQ tortilla chip will always be my friend.  It’s fairly rare and special – and well executed here.  Hot – but not painfully so.   I think I’m annoyed at this faux-concept of “heat wave –  “First BBQ, Then Heat.” Um. That’s every spicy chip/spicy food.  First you taste the thing. Then it gets hot.  Sirracha chips.  Flamin’ Fritos.  Hot Fries.  This is nothing new.  I love a gimmick and am ready to join in the fun. But this one made me feel duped.