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Combos Pepperoni Pizza

Combos Pepperoni Pizza

Disclaimer: This Pepperoni Pizza Combo was digitally retouched for aesthetic purposes.

Due to Combos’ prevalence at gas stations and airports, they rank with the Hungry Dads as a prime travel-time food. Combos aren’t a snack that we’d pick up at the grocery store and bring home. Nor would Combos be a first choice as a workday treat (a little stinky and undignified for the office?).  Nonetheless, Combos are bite sized and easy-to-eat with a unique crunch and creamy texture, offering an alternative to chips when you want to avoid mess, crumbs and grease without sacrificing flavor.  The flavor is yummy despite being inaccurate.  You won’t be fooled into thinking that you are eating a slice of Pepperoni Pizza.