Chex Xtreme Siricha and Hot Chili & Lime

The 1990s heralded the entry of extreme (or XTREME snacks) into the world. But unlike flannels, furbies, and the band Extreme, XTREME snacks somehow stuck around.  These Chex Xtreme Sirricha and Hot Chili & Lime carry the mantle well. XTREME usually means spicy hot (as it does here) which for me – can be hit or miss.

These were a hit for me. Chex XTREME Chili Lime tasted much like other chili lime snacks I’ve had, but hotter – which is great. The chili lime flavor, without enough heat, is actually not all that tasty.  Chili pepper is fine. But add the lime and you run the risk that it will taste like floor cleaner.  These didn’t go that route, in part, on account of the heat. 

I enjoyed Sirracha even more. This was pleasantly surprising because I’ve never had much love for Sirracha.  It’s not the heat that bothers me, I’ve just never loved the flavor.  But Chex Xtreme Sirricha seems to have added a noticeable sweetness here that works and made me a Sirracha aficionado.

Pro Tip – For both flavors, you may want to shake up the bag a bit before you pour them in to your mouth.  Concentrated hot-flavored dusty sediment settles to the bottom – making the last pour into your mouth pretty intense – too intense for me.

The packaging is pretty great for drinking your Chex Xtreme. It offers a vertical style package that can be held with one hand so you can pour the snack into your mouth in easily controlled portions without any obstruction.   The package isn’t as robust as my favorite snack package, but this is an essential on-the-go characteristic for those of us who love to drink their snacks.