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Cheez-It Crunch’d

This bold new entry into the “large 3-D extreme” snack category caught my eye recently. I was intrigued by the seemingly mundane (though tasty) Cheez-It brand expanding its horizons. They also looked potentially delicious.

The texture and crunch are similar to a puffed cheese (think Cheetos) airy snack moreso than a traditional Cheetos hard stick. I’m generally not a big fan of puffed cheese snacks, but these were quite delicious for two main reasons:

  1. The texture is slightly more firm than a traditional puffed snack. There was a little crunch resistance that was very pleasing versus the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the normal offering in this genre.
  2. The cheese dust was excellent and true to the Cheez-It cracker taste. The cheese flavor was quite bold, cheddary, and generously proportioned.

I will ill be seeking out these bad boys again!