Cheetos Mix Ups

I’ve been out of the Cheetos game for a while now. I think the messy cheesy fingers started getting to me as I aged and became somewhat more responsible. Plus, I never enjoyed the fat Cheetos poofy turds, as discussed with Johnny Prime in episode 32. 

These mix ups caught my eye, because I wasn’t aware there are two additional Cheetos offerings (although I don’t believe they’re sold individually outside the mix up environment), Nacho Cheese and Parmasean. Mix ups actually come in several different flavors (flamin hot, cheezy salsa, and xtra cheezy- my choice).  Upon opening the bag, I noticed a wildly uneven distribution – all the airy poofs were on top, while all the traditional Cheetos were on the bottom. I assume this is due to packing/crushing issues, but it was mildly annoying.

The overall mixture went well together, and lived up to its Xtra Cheesy name. However, the true story here is the awesomeness of the Nacho Cheese 3-D matrix cubes. They’re large, full of cheeze flavor, and pleasantly crunchy. Sadly, though not unexpectedly, there weren’t many to be found in the bag. If these were sold as a stand-alone Cheetos offering, I would certainly seek them out, and integrate them into my chips rotation. At the very least, they make the Mix Ups worth checking out, even if you’re left wanting more.