Barbecue Rib Popcorn (Target Store Brand)

Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it. Right on the Target. I’ve been historically critical of meat flavors in chips. The purported “meat” is usually just a vague bullion taste at best – and often some lame version of a BBQ chip.  But this perfectly peppery popcorn provides a smoky, meaty, salty taste I’ve not had before in a snack – BBQ yes. But that’s not all.  This popcorn has got an awesome smell that made me feel like I was hanging out in a fire pit or smoker. Excellent flavoring aside, I think part of the success is the popcorn itself.  A similarly flavored potato chip would bring other flavors to compete – oils and potato.  Popcorn intrinsically has a milder, more natural base allowing a canvas for the glorious “natural flavors” (yes the front of the bag boasts “naturally flavored”) of BBQ Rib.