Bacon Sunflower Seeds

Bigs Bacon Salt Sizzling Bacon Sunflower Seeds

Eating shelled sunflower seeds isn’t just snacking, it’s like a fidget-spinner for your mouth.  The process is as follows.

  1. Reach into the bag.
  2. Grab a pinchful.
  3. Pop ‘em in your mouth.
  4. Spend a few seconds sucking the salty flavor away.
  5. Tuck them all inside your cheek or lips along your gums.
  6. With your tongue, to bring one between your back molars, leaving the rest tucked away
  7. Position the seed with the shell’s seam in line with your molars.
  8. Crack down with your molars to split the shell in tow halves without splintering it.
  9. Holding the partially cracked shell with your front teeth
  10. Fish out the nutty seed within and chew it up
  11. Spit the now flavorless husk into an old soda can or bottle (expert level seeders may further chew the empty shell to release any last hints of salt before spitting)

Sunflower seeds are an addictive snack based on this this process alone.  Oddly, I seem to continue eating shelled seeds far past the point of enjoying them. My mouth will be wrecked with salt, and I’ll just keep going.

I got Bigs Bacon Salt Sizzling Bacon Sunflower Seeds at a gas station rest stop off of the interstate during a long road trip.  They served admirably as a salty distraction on the road.  They are one of the less expensive treats in the “Snack Zone” and came in a nice big bag that I knew would outlast my trip.

The bacon flavor is pretty hardcore and salty – but shelled sunflower seeds aren’t known for subtlety in saltiness.  I feared that I may regret passing on classic salt flavored seeds and that the bacon taste would get tiresome. I have found other flavored sunflower seeds (ranch, dill pickle, sirracha and tabasco) to wear out my taste buds too quickly.  I am pleased to say that Biggs Bacon Salt Sizzling Bacon Sunflower Seeds are a mix of salt and bacon flavor that kept me pinching, tucking cracking, and spitting for miles and miles.  The bacon flavoring might keep me from ever going back to classic salt.

One major downside of shelled sunflower seeds (not unique to Bigs) is the lack of social acceptability. All of the spitting is pretty gross.  Onlookers may be justifiably annoyed by the whole process as the spit soaked shells accumulate in your bottle.  The sucking, crunching and spitting make small noises no matter how careful you are.  Any spouse is bound to turn up the volume on the radio to drown it out.

From the package: “Flavor Fact. We’ve taken huge crunchy seeds and sprinkled them with some magical bacon salt deliciousness. If you like the flavor of bacon and you like sunflower seeds, you’re going to love the bacon flavored wizardry inside this bag.”