Lays Southwestern Queso Chips

These chips were introduced by Lays as a gimmick to promote the 2017 Do Us a Flavor Contest – Lays Southwestern Queso were not winners picked from fan submissions.  I suppose they were just put out as an example of what they would like to see in fan submissions.

It’s a cheese chip.  I’ve tasted plenty of those.  But Queso? That brings a little more to the party – namely the tex-mex zest of pico de gallo (onion, tomato, jalepeno – artificial in all its glory).  They are tasty, even if most of the southwestern zest is in the aftertaste.  First crunch is normal cheese. Then some southwestern flair rolls over your tongue.  Lays pulls off a good chip here. Is it a daring new innovative chip flavor? Nah. Here’s to hoping the 2017 fan submissions are more inspired.