Lays Beer & Brats Potato Chips

These chips were introduced by Lays as a gimmick to promote the 2017 Do Us a Flavor Contest.  Lays Beer & Brats were not winners picked from fan submissions.  I suppose they were just put out as an example of what they would like to see from fan submissions.

So we’ve reviewed a beer chip already.  There, Guinness and Burts successfully merged beer and potato chip. The secret was introducing an element of malt flavor – evoking beer but not a flavor so so crazy in a chip. Here Lays succeeds to similar effect by lacing their chip with yeast (or at least yeast flavor).  Compared to the Guinness chips these are mild – probably by design.  Sample SAT exam question: Guinness Chips are to Guinness Beer, as Lays Beer and Brats Chips are to:

(a) Amniotic Fluid

(b) Dinosaur blood

(c) Bud Light

(d) Car wax

That’s right (c) – if you choose anything else, please see a doctor.

Lays has provided the Bud Light of beer-flavored chips.  They are serviceable, even tasty.  But nothing to rave about to your beer snob (or chip snob) friends. Oh.  And brat is supposedly a flavor too. Umm. Sure. Its not brat, but something meaty-ish.  We’ve long maintained here on the Hungry Dads Podcast that meat flavor in chips are almost always courtesy of some nondescript bullion taste. Same here. Good enough, but these chips don’t scream brat. (see our other brat chip review here!)