Saranac S’more Porter

As we’ve learned, beer can be a snack.  Saranac S’more Porter may not be an exceptional beer and it may not be an exceptional snack – but its a pretty great gimmick.   We’ve spoken highly of another graham-flavored beverage, so how did this one rate?

Amongst snacks that can get you drunk, Saranac S’mores Porter is pretty great.  And amongst beers, Saranac S’more Porter is novel and a conversation piece.

Taste-wise, there is huge power of suggestion at work here, as I don’t think it exactly tastes like s’mores. But knowing what’s on the label helps nudge the flavor towards its goal. There is a graham taste  (which, by the way, was a flavor to look out for in 2016).  Any marshmallow taste is a little lost, but there is nice sweetness that may be marshmallow. The chocolate taste is in the porter.  Its not overly sweet.  In fact, Saranac S’mores Porter was even a bit brackish (that’s British for salty).  The smell and aftertaste are pleasant and evoke something s’more or less s’more-ish.

To  their credit, Saranac did not jettison its beer identity in favor of making an alcoholic Yoo-hoo variant. This is definitely beer through and though. If you like porter but not s’mores you can still give this a try and probably enjoy. If you like s’mores and not porter, after one drink, I doubt you’ll want s’more.