Mt Dew Voltage

This is a big review for your friend, Rod Budget. I realize Voltage has been around for quite a while, but as I’ve proclaimed on the show several times, I’m a devout Mt Dew ORIGINAL enthusiast (addict). As such, I’ve never ventured into the fringe dew brightly colored xtreme flavors… until now. Part of my hesitancy was that I love original Dew so much, there’s really no point in straying. Nothing could possibly top the original, right? Right.

Voltage was enjoyable enough, but the subtle Blueberry flavor left an artificial aftertaste in my mouth. Kind of like diet soda. This shouldn’t be surprising given just how artificial and bright blue the beverage is. But here’s the beauty of original Dew: sure it’s bright greenish yellow, but in reality, it’s just sugar and orange juice…. and that’s what it tastes like…. sugar with a hint of citrus. And perhaps a smidge of alien urine to get that nice green glow.

Voltage wasn’t bad by any means. It just left a weird aftertaste. And I’m inherently biased against anything other than the original.