Mill House Brewing Co. Cucumber Blessings Cream Ale

This was fun to try but I don’t think I would pick up a pack on my own.  I was gifted this one and only cucumber beer I’ll probably ever try by Hungry Dads’ friend and collaborator Gary Costello.  I admit, I delayed trying out for a while as I did not love my prior foray into cucumber flavored beverage (Cucumber Lime Gatorade).  But I finally cracked it open one perfect hot day when I had enough time and energy to drink it with some attention for consideration.  Hungry Dad Rod Budget an open and notorious fan of cucumber flavored beverages (a.k.a. a fancy spa lobby crasher) as well as a beer fan (a.k.a. a drunk).   The first sip of Mill House Brewing Co. Cucumber Blessings Cream Ale hit me hard with cucumber flavor and I wasn’t a fan. But I worked my way through the pint, I adjusted to it, and finished it without regret.  It was refreshing and not shy with its cucumber-ness.  I would venture to say it was as much cucumber as it was beer.  So, I would say if you like cucumber water and getting drunk on a hot day –this one is for you. If you are looking for a beer with a hint of cucumber, you’ll find an overload of veggie flavor in this beer.