Mello Yello, syrup, Coke Freestyle, flavored soda

Grape Mello Yello

“…why bring more citrus to Mello Yello’s citrus party?”

I was at a Burger joint (not a chain) and was ecstatic to see a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.  With Coca Cola Freestyle, you can mix drinks, flavors, and syrups “to create a multitude of choices.”  And its true!  I chose Mello Yello with some Grape syrup flavoring.

First, it was exciting to see Mello Yello at all.  Am I a passionate Mello Yello enthusiast? Nope.  But since I never buy it, much less see it anymore, it was the clear choice for me. And then, at the push of a button the ability to add a flavor? Fun, fun, fun!

My choices were Peach, Grape, Orange, or Cherry.  I was tempted by the exotic nature of Peach. Cherry was empty, and would have been an uninspired choice anyway – given the empowered circumstance I was in. Orange may have been a fine pairing, but why bring more citrus to Mello Yello’s citrus party?

So Grape it was.

At first drink, I was pleased with my choice since I definitely got the feeling I was drinking something I’d never had before.  The flavor did suffer from a below optimal syrup/water ratio, seeming to lack enough syrup – which is odd since I added Grape flavor.  My guess is that the machine does not simply add Grape to Mello Yello, but instead replaces some Mello Yello syrup with Grape syrup.

Nonetheless, it was tasty. With more sipping I determined that it tasted like Mello-Yello mixed with Grape Gatorade (maybe it was?).  It did not taste like Grape Soda and it maintained its Mello Yello-ness.  Would I try it again? Probably not.  But only because I would be a fool to waste my next Freestyle opportunity without exploring more.