Crystal Pepsi is Back!

A mystery lost to my childhood taste buds – did Crystal Pepsi taste like regular Pepsi? Finally an answer. In truth, my fondest memories aren’t so much for Crystal Pepsi, but for the SNL sketch – Crystal Gravy.

Still, I recall being a tween and really wanting to try that cool, transparent, Van Halen-endorsed soda. Mom eventually bought some. But like any young, soda-drinking punk, I didn’t take note of the flavor beyond good/bad. Did it really taste like Pepsi?

Twenty years later it’s time to find out. (Hey! Its My Tomorrow! Right Now!)

I picked some up from an unassuming kiosk at the supermarket. “Limited Time Only” is one of my weaknesses.

imageLooking at the clear liquid, I knew that the power of suggestion might mess with me.  Maybe it’s just Sprite with a trick label? I closed my eyes, cleared my mind, and listened only to my taste buds. In that moment of palate clarity, I took a drink and tasted…Pepsi. Yep. Pepsi. Good ole’ brown fizzy Pepsi.

Then I opened my eyes and saw the clear liquid that was flowing into my mouth.  For an instant, I thought I tasted Sprite. I’m clearly susceptible to both “Limited Time Only,” marketing schemes as well as food coloring (or the lack thereof).

This might be the most gimmicky thing we’ve ever reviewed. But it tasted good. It didn’t cost any more than a regular Pepsi. And it’s only around for a while. So, next time you want a soda, if it’s still available, the choice should be clear.

And a bonus gimmick Pepsi review for those of you kind enough to read until the end:

Pepsi old copy