Cookie Dough Ale

New Belgium Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough Ale – Gimmick beer flavors can be fun and often pretty successful.  The trick is to maintain a decent beer, whist evoking the gimmick flavor purported on the label.  We’ve seen it done well before.  Not so with New Belgium Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough Ale. I will admit that I don’t have a professional palate for beer tasting.  But my cookie dough palate is refined.  This was a surprisingly bitter beer considering it was claiming to be cookie dough flavored.  I understand it’s not going to be liquid cookie dough. And I can understand a chocolate beer being bitter. But if the words “cookie dough,” are on the label, a certain expectation is set.  Maybe they just made a normal dark beer and chucked some cookie dough in the barrel while it fermented? This may be a perfectly fine beer for those who like a bitter ale, but disappointingly it didn’t evoke any note of cookie dough to me.