Gatorade Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber)


Gatorade is for: (a) athletes who need replenishment, and (b) people who want something sweet to drink and fool themselves in to thinking that a sports drink is healthier than soda – even if they know it’s not true.  I had an encounter with Gatorade Limon Pepino as a member of the latter category.

We here at Hungry Dads are always drawn to new, unique and gimmick flavors. So when I saw a new shade of green in the Gatorade case, I picked it up, flavor unseen. I did see the title in Spanish “Limon Pepino” and using my high school Spanish, translated the lime flavor, but floated past the other word assuming it was marketing fluff. I took my first chug, still not seeing the English title and immediately noticed the unexpected flavor, but couldn’t place it. I sort of imagined watermelon, but not quite. I didn’t love it, and it heavily edged out the lime flavor.

I looked at the bottle, finally decoded “Gatorade Limon Pepino,” and by a mixture of realization and the power of suggestion, the taste of cucumber surged onto my tongue. I stopped, paid attention, and considered whether or not I was enjoying it now. I wasn’t. But don’t think it’s Gatorade’s fault. Its cucumber’s fault. I like cucumbers enough, but I’ve had “cucumber water” (at a real NY spa even) and I didn’t care for it. That’s just me though.

The product delivers as promised (assuming you bother to read the label) with a lime Gatorade and a heavy kick of cucumber – pretty legit cucumber flavor at that. While I have my doubts about the viability of the product (cucumber seems like more of a relaxing flavor – not the kind of thing you’ll have when you need a pump up), if you know what you’re buying, and you want lime/cucumber Gatorade, I think you’ll like this stuff.