Whopperrito With a Side of Hot Dog (and disappointment)

whop and dog2

Blasphemous use of the Whopper name?

We don’t write a lot of negative reviews because, let’s face it, most food we cover will be inherently tasty.  The Whopperrito is tasty enough.  Nonetheless, it gets a fairly negative review.

whopperito 2The Whopperrito is an inferior burrito and an inferior Whopper.  Invoking the Whopper name here is insanely misleading. Lettuce, tomato, and onion are the only common ingredients between a Whopper and a Whopperrito.  I expected a cut up, flame-broiled Whopper patty inside that tortilla.  I did not expect a pile of crumbly, taco-flavored ground beef.

As a burrito, the Whopperrito was a failure as well.  The taste was fine – good even – with a little spiciness. But its construction was a disaster.  My Whoperrito was loosely wrapped and fell apart immediately.  I am not surprised.  Burger King staff cannot be expected to have the same burrito-ing prowess of thier competitors at Taco Bell or Chipolte.

Instead of fries, I decided to get a side of “Grilled Dog.”  Eh.  Nothing to write home about.  I seldom experience hot dogs that are elevated to anything special.  Burger King’s Grilled Dogs are no different.

Thanks for trying Burger King.  But next time It’ll be a classic, non-ito Whopper and fries for me.

The Whopperrito

Adequate but inferior burrito

Inadequate & inferior as a Whopper

Taco flavored beef (not flame broiled)

Loosely & inadequately wrapped

Verdict: Blasphemous use of the Whopper name


Burger King Grilled Dog

Slight snap

No char from purported grilling

Does not elevate the classic dog to any new heights

Decent price at $1.70

Verdict: Eh. It’s a hot dog