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Wahlburgers’s OFD (Out of Dorchester) burger 

I’ve heard some buzz about the burger joint, Whalburgers, on account of the restaurant-based reality show of the same name, featuring famous brothers Donnie and Mark joining with their less famous chef brother Paul Whalberg. Where I live, there was no buzz about the Whalburger itself. One opened up on Coney Island and my family happened to pass it. So I decided to implement a “burger as a snack” strategy under the premise that it would be good for the podcast – a new food excuse my wife is getting tired of hearing.

I tried the eight-dollar “OFD (Out of Dorchester) burger,” a specialty burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and “homemade tomato jam.” It was not greasy, which is probably a positive or negative depending on your preference. The burger was certainly tasty but didn’t explode with flavor or juice like some of my favorite burgers. The bun was good but not particularly tasty.   My gold standard in buns is the potato bread bun. Wahlburger’s bun was pretty weak compared to a potato bun. The “tomato jam” was basically marinara sauce. It was fine, but made me realize that I prefer ketchup. On the other hand, yummy ketchup is full of sugar and preservatives.   I didn’t feel bloated or remorseful after I ate the OFD burger, which is more than I can say for many burger joints.

Perhaps the Wahlburger is an effort to offer a burger for the “responsible burger lover” – one that’s natural, wholesome, healthy-ish and tastes good. I’d say they succeeded, even if the price is high and much my beloved good-greasy burger flavor was sacrificed.

If you don’t like to read full sentences, here’s the basic rundown:


  • Good flavor
  • Not greasy
  • not a belly bomb


  • $8 is a bit pricey for what you get
  • not insanely juicy