Taco Bell Doritos Locos Nacho Cheese Taco


I would have tried these sooner, but I had to build up some cardiovascular endurance before being able to order them in one breath. I’m generally a fan of the Taco Bell-Doritos hybrid co-op joint partnership synergy strategies, but can we shorten the names of these by five or six words? Seriously, I dreaded ordering this because I knew I would screw it up, or stutter, or just order the wrong thing by accidentally replacing the word “nacho” with “fiery.”  But alas, my insatiable snacking curiosity finally won out, and I made a successful order.

I know these were the most wildly popular fast food launch of all time, but I honestly didn’t care for ’em.  I desperately wanted to, and I honestly thought I would, but I didn’t. Here’s the problem: the nacho cheese taco shell is delicious, the inner stuffing of taco bell grease items are delicious…. they just don’t go together at all in my mind.  The tangy cheese dust is delicious, but it kind of overpowers the taco meat stuffing, which usually has a nice flavor to it.  Maybe that’s the problem…. I really really like straight up plain Taco Bell tacos. That might put me in the minority, but I don’t want some hot shot shell to come in and try to steal the show.

I ended up scooping out the stuffing, eating it with a fork, and then devouring the cheese shell as dessert.  I recognize I’m in the minority, but just gimme a tortilla shell, and get back to basics!