Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQ – A 10-Point Review

In Hungry Dads’ 10-Point reviews, we go out of our way to share constructive criticism in addition to high praise in order to keep it interesting. But trust us – we devoured our meal along with much of our wives’ meals.  We also ate whatever food our kids left behind that wasn’t dropped on the floor or dissected like a science project.  And we felt truly sad when all of the food was gone. If there were leftovers, they probably got eaten in the car on the way home.  So, yes, we liked it, we’ll be back, and we recommend it. With that, ten things we want you to know:

  1. + This cult-status NY BBQ joint has an ever-growing list of locations, throughout New York, into Connecticut, Baltimore, and more.
  2. + Of the locations we visited (Harlem, Brooklyn, Baltimore), Harlem has by far, the tastiest food.
  3. – Of the locations we visited (Harlem, Brooklyn, Baltimore), Harlem has by far, the longest wait (almost always 60+ minutes to be seated)
  4. +/- Portion sizes have gotten smaller since ten years ago, downsized to large from humungous, but the prices remain fair.
  5. +/- The chicken wings aren’t what they used to be in both size and quality, but they are still fantastic, bigger than standard “drumlets” most places offer, and offer a great, smoky, grilled, BBQ-centric alternative to the classic buffalo wing.
  6. + The non-meat fare (salads, shrimp, cornbread, mac & cheese) provide more than enough awesomeness for any vegetarian friend willing to walk into this haven of dead animal flesh.
  7. + You can’t go wrong ordering any of the meat. It’s all great – and it might convert that vegetarian friend.
  8. + The BBQ fried rice is a surprise favorite with big chunks of meat inside – a Texas take on a far-east classic.
  9. The Pressed Cuban sandwich, while tasty, wasn’t pressed hard enough in the Baltimore location (we like our pressed sandwiches flatter than your mama’s mammogram)
  10. – Nine times out of ten Dino BBQ doesn’t have any burnt ends for your brisket, but always ask if they can throw some in.  If they have any, it’s super flavorful.