Doritos Salsa Verde

imageFor those who don’t speak Spanish, “salsa verde” literally means “salsa green extreme.”  The flames bursting out of the tortilla chips on the package were what really caught my attention, though. I’m not a crazy hot spice enthusiast, but I appreciate a little kick in the crotch every now and again. I also tend to prefer green salsas to red, so I figured these were Snacktoberfest worthy.

I was mainly interested in the audacious “salsa verde” claim. Could they pull off such a specific chip flavor, or would they just end up tasting like a spicy chip? I’m pleased to say that Doritos has succeeded in baking up an authentic salsa verde flavor.

Red end salsa has a slight tomato tang to it. These had no hint of that. The spice was distinctive, and snuck up on me in an authentic “it takes a few seconds to kick in” way. After downing the entire bag in short order, my mouth was fairly overheated, but not in an unexpected or over-the-top way. Kudos to Doritos for producing an authentic and delicious niche flavor.