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Doritos Roulette

They warned us right on the bag, “Attention Some Chips are Very Hot… There’s a hot chip in every handful. Do you dare eat another and risk getting burned?”

Bravely, The Hungry Dads dared. Check out the live test experiment HERE in Episode 33.

This review is inevitably less about taste and more about the gimmick.  The flavors involved are nothing unique – Nacho Cheese Doritos and Flaming Hot Doritos.  The hook here is that they mixed the chips into one bag on the premise that it would be fun to eat your chips one-by-one to see if the next one’s gonna burn your tongue.

After playing the game with my single serving bag, I found that every fifth to seventh chip was hot.   As I went along, my tongue burn increased naturally, which made subsequent hot ones seem even more spicy and made the normal nacho flavored chips sting my tongue a bit (once the tongue is spiced up, even salt tends to seem spicy).  In fact, the standard Nacho Cheese Dorito had a little spice in it by virtue of the fact that its shared the bag with the hots (what we call the “rub off effect.”)

The major observation was that Doritos apparently went out of their way to ensure that there was no obvious visual difference between the “nachos” and the “hots.” Kudos for that, since the integrity of the game would be immediately ruined if you could tell the difference at a glance.  I am pretty familiar with how a standard Nacho Cheese Dorito should look – and the chips in this bag of Doritos Roulette had conspicuous red specks on them, not common for a Nacho Cheese Dorito. As my experiment confirmed, both the hot ones and the Nacho Cheese ones were be-speckled as to keep the mystery going chip by chip.

It was pretty fun.  Although the Hungry Dads agreed that the thrill was diminished on a couple of middle-aged men like us.  But if we travel in our minds back to junior high… yeah, Doritos Roulette would’ve make for some wacky adolescent hijinks during a Friday night of video games and Mountain Dew.

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