Doritos Mix Cheese Explosion

Our friends at Doritos recently released two new “Mix” flavors: Cheese Explosion and Taco Explosion. I found both at my local convenience store yesterday, and decided to pick up a cheese explosion.

First off, marketing something as an “explosion” is a bold and somewhat odd claim. The flavor’s just gonna explode in my mouth, bro!  Unfortunately, the Cheese Explosion never really happened for me. In fact, I think the cheese explosion occurred somewhere back in the Doritos factory, and threw their assembly line all out of whack. Let me explain.

The Cheese Explosion Mix contains a mix of four different chip shapes and flavors. Here’s the rundown of the number of each kind of chip in my bag. (Yes, I counted them):

  • Original Nacho Cheese Triangles: 21 Chips
  • Four Cheese Twisty Things: 7 Chips
  • Jumpin Jack Cheese Fold-Over Things: 4 Chips
  • Spicy Nacho Triangles: 1 Chip…. ONE CHIP!!!!

I don’t know if quality control is to blame, or if this is the actual planned ratio. Aside from the obvious distribution disappointment, the entire bag was overpowered with the Original Nacho Cheese flavor…. because that was about 70% of the bag… and they were all at the top of the bag, to boot! The Nacho Cheese dust simply spread down all over the other chips. Not that I dislike the original Nacho Cheese dust, but that’s not why I picked up the MIX bag!  Doritos might have finally jumped the shark with this one.