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Doritos Test Flavors

Doritos 2013 Mystery Test Flavors

Test Flavor 404 – easily the best of the three – smoky, sweet, and a note of lime at the end. (Flavor revealed: Caribbean Citrus Jerk)

Test Flavor 2653 – The hardest flavor to identify (maybe because 855 scorched my taste buds) – I looked at the ingredients for a hint and immediately figured out what I was tasting. I won’t spoil it here. That said, I liked them. (Flavor revealed: Chocolate Chipotle Bacon)

Test Flavor 855 – Spicy. I like hot things, but not chips because I have to stop eating them due to burnt mouth. (Flavor revealed: Spicy Street Taco)  

Doritos Test Flavor 404 had an unexpected side effect of temporarily de-aging me by about 35 years. But the cheese taste was really zesty.