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Doritos Loaded (7-11)

7-11 Doritos Loaded

  • The Snack: Doritos Loaded (hereinafter “Loaded”) is a fried-cheese-style snack with a nacho cheese interior and a Dorito flavored breading/dusting on the exterior.
  • Avoid freshness: Don’t accept “Loaded” right from the oven/microwave.  If you can’t get the ones that were sitting under the heat lamp all day, pass on this snack.
  • Watch your tongue:  Rod’s “Loaded” were “surface of the sun hot,” and even a two-minute break in the air conditioning did not prevent a scorched mouth.  If you have to wait two minutes to eat it, then its validity as a snack is diminished.
  • Repeat customer: Considering his were warmed and congealed behind the glass upon arrival, Hugh did make a return visit to 7-11 and went for a strategic and covert second hit of “Loaded.”
  • Also of note: “Loaded” is another entry in the parade of Dorito’s branded foods such as the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos.