Condiments Quiz

Condiments Quiz

Which Condiment best describes your personality? Are you fancy like ketchup?  A crowd pleaser like salsa? Or maybe a controversial figure like steak sauce? Take the quiz to find out!


Condiment quiz




Do you tend to keep a larger, broad group of friends, or do you prefer a smaller more exclusive social group?

Do you step outside your comfort zone, willing to experiment with areas of interest other than those in which you are most proficient? Often Seldom Never

Are you able to blend in well with other types of people and adapt in a variety of circumstances, finding yourself at ease keeping company with those different than yourself? Always Sometimes Seldom

Would you consider your disposition flexible, in that you tap into a various different facets of your personality to fit your environment? Or do you tend to maintain one relatively consistent disposition regardless of your surroundings? Tap into various personality facets            Maintain disposition       A bit of both

You are Mayonnaise – You are very popular and have the ability to mix well with most other types. A little bit of you goes a long away. Be careful. As popular and compatible as you are, you often run the risk of laying it on too thick.

You are Ketchup – You are immensely well liked even if you aren’t as universally compatible as a Mayonnaise. You sometimes consider yourself fancy, but also find yourself welcome and comfortable most anywhere. Children love you.

You are Salsa – You may not be the talk of the town, but in a quiet and dignified way, you are very popular (maybe even more so than a ketchup). Part of your charm is your flexibility – you can set your temperament to mild, intense or fiery to meet tastes and preferences of those around. You are a crowd pleaser and people get excited when they see you at an event.

You are Mustard – Some consider you overpowering. You aren’t for everyone, but that’s okay with you. Those who like you tend to like you a lot. You are comfortable conveying a wide range of emotions – you can be sweet as honey or offer up a sharp kick – depending on the situation.

You are BBQ Sauce – Your greatest asset is your ability to step outside of your comfort zone. BBQ sauce has transcended barbeque itself, and has become a ubiquitous condiment for burgers, fries, and even pizza.   BBQ Sauce come in a variety of styles – and so do you! Thanks to this trait you are bold, sometimes sweet, and able to cover all of the things that life puts on your plate.

You are Steak Sauce – You aren’t quite as adaptable as BBQ Sauce. You may sometimes try stepping outside of your comfort zone (like Steak Sauce on a burger). But you know where your core strengths are, even if not everyone agrees. Similar to a Mustard, you may not be universally beloved, but your friends are devoted and will defend you to the end of the earth against detractors despite the controversy you sometimes bring.

You are Soy Sauce – You are focused and you won’t pretend to be something that you’re not. Always mindful to not spread yourself too think, you tend to do just one or two things – but you do them extremely well. You don’t blend in easily or naturally with all of the other types – but you are most compatible with a Mustard and sometimes a BBQ Sauce. But like a good marinade, you need to spend quite a bit of time together in order for your get comfortable and meld.