BBQ Sauce – 3 way side-by-side

BBQ Sauce – Open Pit vs. Sweet Baby Rays

… I had low expectations, and those expectations were met – at first…

Sweet Baby Rays – I got hooked on Sweet Baby Rays some time ago, and seldom stray from it for my BBQ sauce needs. It’s good on everything – chicken, beef, pork, saltines.  Its thick and sweet and smoky in all of the right ways.   I like many of the varieties, but would rank Original the best, Honey second, Hickory Brown Sugar third, and Sweet Onion Vidalia as above average for BBQ sauce – but a poor showing for Sweet Baby Ray.  Still, across the board, I’m not sure I could recommend any BBQ sauce with more enthusiasm.  It’s priced at a bit of a premium, but not as much as some boutique sauces.

Sweet Baby Rays Creamy Buffalo – It is not particularly excellent.  I find myself passing over it every time, in favor of legit BBQ whenever I need sauce.  Eventually, upon a major fridge door cleaning, the mostly full bottle will be unceremoniously disposed of.

photo-sep-24-9-57-57-amOpen Pit – I got this extra sized Open Pit BBQ sauce for an amazing price of $1.79.  I vaguely remember Open Pit from my childhood.  I think it was our household choice since there was not literal “generic” or store brand BBQ sauces to choose from. I had low expectations, and those expectations were met – at first.  I had some with chicken and was unimpressed. Open Pit was runny and pungent, not complimenting the meat at all.  I honestly considered throwing it out.  But I was determined to get my $1.79 worth.  Another night, I reluctantly pulled out my Open Pit bottle alongside some skirt steak. IT WAS GOOD. REALLY GOOD.  If you consider Open Pit a steak sauce, and compare it to steak sauces for use on beef, it holds up pretty nicely.  Open pit is not a utility player like Sweet Baby Rays, but I’ll be working my way through that jumbo bottle whenever I have beef.

img_0756Heinz BBQ Sauce Classic Sweet & Thick– This stuff is good and absolutely serviceable for all of your BBQ sauce needs.  Is it better than Sweet Baby Rays? No Sir! But dollar for dollar, on double coupon day, this s Heinz BBQ Sauce is good to have around in case you finish your last swig of Sweet Baby Rays.