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Bacon, Honey Pecan Cream Cheese

Bacon CreamCheese sm copyPhiladelphia Bacon Cream Cheese

Before reviewing, I should confess that my own personal bacon flavor receptors are almost certainly out-of-whack.  Nowadays, only bacon wannabes – like turkey bacon and tofu bacon – appear on our family shopping list.  So when the label brags, “Made with Real Bacon,” I’ll have to take their word for it.   I don’t think I’ve had real bacon since that brunch on the morning after my wedding day.  Nonetheless I do think I have enough sense memory to qualify Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese as having a “bacon bit” flavor, as opposed to the flavor of real bacon.  If you value authentic flavor in your pork belly, then pass on this.  If a familiar, but ultimately artificial bacon flavor is okay with you (as it is with me) then you won’t be disappointed.

IMG_0723Philadelphia Honey Pecan Cream Cheese

I didn’t expect anything Earth Shattering here, but I was overall disappointed.  I was looking forward to a nice texture juxtaposition with a bit of pecan crunch swimming inside creamy cheese.  As I laid the spread onto my bagel, I thought I saw raisins, but I think those were the pecans, having withered into a crunch-less raisin-like consistency.  The cream cheese was sweet, as expected but didn’t exude honey-ness.  Considering honey is the hot new thing for 2016, Philadelphia better up their game. That said, it was tasty and a nice substitute for standard cream cheese on my cinnamon raisin bagel.