Rank ’em! Sandwich types, soda, egg styles – Ep. 86

Rod and Hugh leverage their vast eating experience to objectively rank, compare, and contrast foods in three essential categories – sandwiches (hoagies, vs. heroes, vs paninis and more); eggs (poached, scrambled, deviled, etc.); and soda (fountain, can, bottle) Whaddya like?  Best to the worst, with the expertise and analysis you’ve come to expect.

Sandwich Spectrum

  1. Hoagie/grinder/wedge 
  2. 3-6 foot hero (slice of)
  3. Soft roll
  4. Hard roll
  5. Sliced bread
  6. Flatbread/panini 
  7. Wraps 
  8. Pita pocket 
  9. lettuce wraps 
  10. Baguette


  1. In a cake 
  2. Scrambled
  3. Deviled
  4. Over easy
  5. Sunny side up
  6. Hard Boiled
  7. Poached
  8. Soft boiled

 Spectrum of Soda Quality

  1. Fountain
  2. Freestyle
  3. Glass bottle
  4. Can
  5. Plastic bottle (single serve)
  6. Plastic bottle (two liter)
  7. Bar wand/bad fountain