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Past Episodes


“Samplers” are compilations of our favorite podcast moments along a common theme, pulled together from a variety of episodes.  Easy to digest, bite-sized samples of our podcast, each seven minutes or less. 

Hungry Dads Sampler #8 – Candy Focus Part 2 of 2

Hungry Dads Sampler #7 – Candy Focus Part 1 of 2

Hungry Dads Sampler #5: Covert Eating Around Family

Hungry Dads Sampler #4: Marketing Spin

Hungry Dads Sampler #3: Dads on the Street

Hungry Dads Sampler #2: Hugh’s Childhood Memories

Hungry Dads Sampler #1: Rod’s Rants



Episode 1: The Chip Episode

Episode 2: Fast Food Time Warp

Episode 3: What is a Sandwich?

Episode 4: Secret Menus

Episode 5: Fast Food and Party Plans

Episode 6: Soda Psychology

Episode 7: The Unhealthiest Fast Food Item 

Episode 8: Eating on the Go

Episode 9: Food Confessions the Game Show

Episode 10: The Halloween Special

Episode 11: Our Podcast, Their Food, Many Questions

Episode 12: Angry Dads

Episode 13: Delivering an Eater’s Digest

Episode 14: Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Episode 15: Food Fusion Mash Ups

Episode 16: The Price is Right for Christmas

Episode 17: The Ultimate 3×3 Chip Dip Scoop Off

Episode 18: Child Psychology

Episode 19: The Breakfast Show

Episode 20: Do Us a Flavor 2015

Episode 21: Food Court

Episode 22: Eater’s Digest 

Episode 23:The Hungry Dads Quotient

Episode 24: The First Annual Foodie Awards

Episode 25: South African Chip Chimp Movies

Episode 26: Ok, So Is Miracle Whip Super Hip or Not?

Episode 27: Brushing and Drinking

Episode 28: Taste Makers: The Cookie Monster Controversy

Episode 29: Employees Only

Episode 30: Six Quarters and a Dream

Episode 31: Chewing the Fat with Johnny Prime!

Episode 32: Quick Hits with Johnny Prime

Episode 33: Which Condiment Are You?

Episode 34: For the Love of Candy / Sweet Nothing

Episode 35: A Very Jerky Father’s Day

Episode 36: Hospital Food, Pocket McMuffin

Episode 37: Recipe Experiments with Johnny Prime

Episode 38: Chewing the Fat with Chief Snacking Officer, Jeremy Selwyn

Episode 39: Taste Makers: Jim Gaffigan, the Original Hungry Dad

Episode 40: Food Faux Pas

Episode 41: The Podcasts Podcast

Episode 42: Office (food) Politics

Episode 43: The Grilling Episode

Episode 44: Odd Food Combos

Episode 45: Lays Do Us a Flavor

Episode 46: The McWhopper Analysis

Episode 47: Food Advertising with Dutch Portly

Episode 48: Chewing the Fat with the Beefy Crunch Movement

Episode 49: Snack Consultants

Episode 50: Taste Makers: Hank Hill

Episode 51 – Snacktoberfest

Episode 52Halloween Whopper Surprises

Episode 53 – Food Phobias

Episode 54 – Cookies are Epic 

Episode 55 – Un-junk food with Coqui the Chef

Episode 56 – Top 10 Food Urban Legends

Episode 57 – Turducken

Episode 58 – 7-11 Branded Reviews

Episode 59 – 10 Food Predictions for 2016

Episode 60 – McDonalds Create Your Taste

Episode 61 – Healthy Dads

Episode 62 – Super Bowl 50 (food) Commercials

Episode 63 – 30 Food Topics in 30 Minutes w/ Johnny Prime

Episode 64 – Travel (Food) Tips

Episode 65 – Food Focus Group

Episode 66 – Beefy Crunch Burrito Returns

Episode 67 – Dumb or Genius?

Episode 68 – Feast, Marry, Kill

Episode 69 – Pop Music about Food

Episode 70 – Food Hazards

Episode 71 – Quick Hits with Chris McCarthy

Episode 72 – Long Running TV Shows (Simpsons, SNL, Price is Right)

Episode 73 – Foods That Jumped the Shark

Episode 74 – Food-rivals-cheese-steaks-chocolate-drinks-jerkies-candy-coated-chocolate

Episode 75 – Eating Hops with Marie Porter (they aren’t just for beer)

Episode 76 – Rod’s Recordings

Episode 77 – Show Biz Rockafire Explosion

Episode 78 – Halloween Retrospective

Episode 79 – Military Rations Taste Test with Tim the Enchanter

Episode 80 – Happy Chew Year – 2017 Predictions

Episode 81 – Taco Bell’s Beefy Crunch No More? Ep 81

Episode 82 – Welcome to the Gum Show with Gary Costello – Ep. 82

Episode 83 – Beef Talk with Johnny Prime – Ep. 83

Episode 84 – Seltzer vs. Soda Ep. 84

Episode 85 – Lays Do Us a Flavor 2017 – The Pitch! Ep. 85





  • AA aka GAA

    Rod (aka NL) and Hugh,
    My sister (aka Rod’s mother-in-law) alerted me to the brilliant and hilarious public service you guys are performing. I was both fascinated and frustrated by your Lay’s chips episode. After watching the Lay’s ad online numerous times, I was dying to try the cappuccino ones for sure – maybe the others too. But alas couldn’t find them around here. If by any chance you have a few left over, please mail them my way. I’m sure the wife can supply my address.

    As a woman who sneaks out periodically for ice cream and has run into the age old problem of destroying the evidence, I want to 1) thank you for your hints about refuse disposal and 2) advice you that covert snacking is NOT limited to men. Keep up your good work as junk food public servants.

    AA aka GAA

    • You’re right, we do provide a public service. We’ve never though of it that way, but it’s hard to disagree. Thank you for your loyal support!

  • Jean

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your episodes, as did my 100 year old mother! Just like AA aka GAA (whoever she is!), I too am female and enjoy a secret ice cream cone, usually from McDonald’s drive through. No refuse, no smell, no crumbs, and at just $1, can be purchased with pocket change! It is the perfect surreptitious snack!

    • Thank you for your support, Jean! We are glad you can relate to the world of covert snacking!