Hops: Not Just for Beer; They’re Hedonistic! Ep. 75

Of course, hops make beer.  But hops can do so much more.  Hops in your cheesecake? A hoppy birthday cake? Where do you buy hops? A “hop shop?” Cooking with hops? What are hops? Can you eat hops? Raw? What do hops taste like? Rod and Hugh get the answers! And Hugh makes his own batch of Marie’s “Hoppy IPA BBQ Sauce.”

A chat with badass cook, Marie Porter, author of “Hedonistic Hops: The HopHead’s Guide to Kitchen Badassery.”  Marie also has some serious thoughts about Canadian snacks.






Some dried hops. Suitable for cooking or brewing. (or raw eating if you’re man enough)


img_1531548594Hoppy IPA Sauce cooking

Hoppy IPA BBQ Sauce bottledimg_1540548598 






Hoppy IPA Sauce on wingsimg_1552548602