Poultry (white meat)

Of the meats, poultry is really only one that tends regularly to count as healthy by most people – so long as it’s not processed or entitled “crispy,” “Kentucky fried,” “honey BBQ” or anything else that might actually make this dry, tasteless meat tolerable.   I guess some superbly prepared white meat, with just the right amount of salt and pepper, a smidge of olive oil, and cooked just the right amount, can be juicy on its own. But try doing that yourself. Most of the time, with limited time, kids screaming, and a general lack of expertise, my cooked chicken is awful. But I slather it in BBQ sauce and pair it with a vegetable that tastes truly awful (thus allowing me to appreciate tasteless chicken as the “good part” of less-than-delicious-but-generally-healthy-ish my meal). But in my mind, I am imagining a bacon wrapped burger with a side of hotdogs.

For a chicken flavor that tastes delicious without having to fuss with real meat, check out Pringles Food Truck Flavors Kickin Chicken Tacos.  Not as lean as chicken breast. Not particularly natural, but salty and yummy. (disclaimer, not suitable as a main dish for your in laws).  For that, make a turducken.


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