peach, fruit


Peaches are the apple’s fancy, fabulous, flamboyant cousin. They are tastier than apples but just as healthy. On the minus side, peaches are more expensive and don’t usually come in bags, thus qualifying as a “specialty fruit.” They requiring endless squeezing to pick the good ones. Although even the best peach is not THAT good when compared to other specialty snacks like the Lays Do us a Flavor Potato Chips Lines (2013, 2014, 2015). Unlike peaches, Lays Do Us a Flavor chips are really tasty and worth fussing over to pick the best ones. Lays Do Us a Flavor chips are so fun. In comparison, peaches are tolerable at best. But peaches have antioxidants and aren’t full of salt and fat. So, yeah. I eat peaches as a “treat” and try not to complain about it.

Pros:Studies have shown that eating peaches might reduce hair loss (really – according to the internet which is seldom wrong)

Featured in a cool/uncool song from when I was a kid: Movin’ to the country. Gonna eat a lot of peaches…


prone to bruising. Throw one in your bag carelessly and you’ll have peach jelly by the time you get to work

fuzzy skin evokes the sensation of biting into a micro fiber upholstered couch

the tastiest peaches are very juicy and hard to handle – sticky hands and face are no reward for eating healthy.


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