I eat carrots almost every day. I pack up a little container of carrot sticks and munch them at my hungriest point in the day, usually in place of lunch. Why do I do this? Because vegetables (including carrots) are completely gross but I have to eat them to be healthier. So I quarantine myself with the only vegetable that doesn’t make me want to throw up after three bites. Thanks to my amazing willpower, I can keep myself from throwing away my disgusting carrots in lieu of some Combos – Pepperoni Pizza Combos or Seven Layer Dip Combos – each tastier (and waaaay less heathy) than carrots.

 Pros:– among the less gross vegetableseasy to pack in a work bag (once peeled and sliced)


Cons– :they taste grossbaby carrots, while very convenient are more expensive, often slimy and have an odd soapy taste

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